TOUR the ultimate active adventure holiday. Let someone else do the hard work, selecting the best locations. I have rowed all around the world and have always had a fantastic time and met wonderful people. Competent rowing skills and a spirit of adventure are all that's required.  


Tour rowing is the fun part without much pain. This year many Australian rowers have enjoyed rowing tours in Australia and throughout the world in countries such as Ireland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Canada, France, Sydney Harbour and many other wonderful locations.  

Tours are popular as they incorporate athletic endeavour with travel, cultural and socializing with rowers who share similar interests. Tour rowers have an international perspective. Tours are a marvelous way to network with rowers throughout the world and within your country. Often rowers will seek out each other to go on tour each year!   

Tours range from privately run intimate tours to club and larger formal events sponsored by World Rowing (FISA) and many other National and Club rowing Events. Tours last for up to a week covering approximately 200km to one day events of approximately 25-30km. A variety of boats are used including coastal, river and traditional rowing boats.

 World Rowing Tour, Liguria, Italy 2017


Rapallo, Italy. Final checks before the morning rowing to Camogli, passing Portofino.

VIDEO: World Rowing Tour, Liguria, Italy:

Now on World Rowing Coastal Facebook 


Rowing at Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. 


"Couran Cove Tour" 9:32 HD :

 Coral Sea Rowing Tours - Magnetic Island,  Queensland

"Coral Sea Tour" 13:12 HD :


  FISA World Rowing Tour Bavaria, Germany 2014

66 people from 12 Nations came together to row the Danube River from Vohburg to Passau a distance of 260km. Re-live this great adventure. 

            32:29 HD :


 Crystal Blue FISA World Rowing Tour - Austria 2016


Held in the UNESCO World Heritage area of the Salzburg Lakes area 

"World Rowing Tour - Austria 2016": 34:32 HD



FISA World Rowing Tour, (Costa Brava, Spanish Riviera), May 2018.

Invitation is now out. 

Sea Rowing in Coastal Boats.

Here is a selection. of some of the Tours on offer.

Rowing The World & The Rowing Concierge - Ruth Marr

Ruth has several tours in different countries to chose from.


Follow your passion and find out what is possible. 2018 Tours you will experience some of the best resorts in Europe. Berlin, Amsterdam, Thames River, Austrian Lakes among the offerings.


Ontario Adventure Rowing offer a number of tours see 


France has a long tradition of Tour Rowing. The French Rowing Federation publishes a calendar of over 50 tours. 

United Kingdom

Tour Rowing is expanding in the UK see


Bridge to Beach Race/Tour 2019

Sydney Harbour Feb 2019. The first component is an 11km race "The Bridge to Beach Race"  (you will need to be race fit for this). The second component is a four day Tour of Sydney Harbour. Expressions of interest to: 

Murray River, Flying Doctor Rowathon

Row 20, 40, 60 or 82 km on the Murray and Darling Rivers, October 2018 each year. Entries open July 2017.

Coral Sea Rowing Tour 2018

North Queensland, Australia. Magnetic Island, 7 days rowing,  September 2018, expressions of interest by April 2018 to Creagh. 

Moreton Bay and Pumicestone Passage Tours

Brisbane CR Base conducts one day and half day rows on most Sundays. Destination and routes vary depending on winds and tides. Contact:   Bronwyn at 

Everglade Tours 

Everglades, Upper Noosa River, Queensland. Australia.  Day and 4 Day Tours by appointment. World Heritage National Park. Contact:   Creagh at

Noosa River and Laguna Bay Tours 

Noosa CR Base conducts excursions in this beautiful area three days a week contact:  Creagh at  

Magnetic Island and Townsville Tours 

Townsville CR Base conducts tours by appointment contact: Graham at